Doing Needs Done

Sick Day Holiday
Sick Day Holiday

Mmkay, another fine day on the farm. After some careful planning and planting, the crop of artwork is looking good. Robust, even. The graphites are ready for plucking. Once the paintings are as high as an elephant’s eye, we’ll harvest them too. Yessir, this year’s looking bountiful.

In less metaphoric terms: lots of art done, a handful in the works. All of the drawings for The Strangest Thing are finished. Onto the paintings, twelve are in the works. The subject matter found, compositions composed. Next we draw put those compositions, lastly we paint. Time frame on all this? Its hard to say. Especially considering all the other projects cooking. Let’s be happy in knowing production is moving forward.

Art business junk is where we left it last week. Some things are still simmering, some others we’re waiting on. Ever play Tetris? You have everything in order and you’re patiently awaiting just the right piece. Feels like that. We are patiently awaiting that right piece.

In the meantime we are strategically arranging the pieces allotted. Working on more paintings, getting items and inventory just so, work and school to be considered too. This autumn looks intimidating when one considers all the doing that needs done. There are moments where I’m nervous all of this is gonna fall apart, there are others where the gamble is euphoric. Either way, life feels so much more worthwhile.

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