A Little Each Day

I am tired of sulking. I have my times where I feel all right and my times when I don’t. I would still say I’m down, even so I want to do something while I’m here. At least, I promised myself I would.

I’m drawing again. Nothing profound or serious; exercises. I’m writing again, as you can tell by here. I’m not submitting, but I am looking. Overall, I’m not doing too bad and I’m not far from where I left off. I’ll continue a little each day and see what happens. My guess: it’s like exercise; eventually I’ll be buff.

I understand it’s been a while since posting. Please understand I’d rather not be too public about my negativity. I am ashamed when I am in that state. A state I earnestly believe is hard for others to bear. Understand and pardon me if I take some time to collect myself.

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