While I nip my coffee this morning, I am digging around for artist opportunities. I’m not positive right now, but I think I just stumbled upon a treasure trove. I will investigate more later. First: a blog post.

I do feel invigorated at looking for and applying to opportunities. I’m not sure where this is stemming from. Especially given how precedent had me paralyzed with anxieties. Recently, at least now, I have some excitement and hope. Those feelings are foreign to me. I’m not sure what to do with them.

I’m still in that twilight phase where I can’t decide if I wanna make work or work on selling. Lord knows I need the money. Then again, lord knows I need the peace of mind. Also on my radar is “More Different”, you know, that second kid’s book I keep bringing up yet never finishing. All things considered, I suspect my notoriety needs the most attention. Thus, should get most priority. Honestly, I will work on all three. Usually as caprice and my heart decides.

Time for food then back at it.

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