The Day Before

I don’t have much to put here. Which is OK, ’cause I don’t have much time either. I’m just scuttling about making sure everything is packed, in it’s place, and ready for show. Making sure I have the necessary tools for any contingency my imagination can conjure up. I often us the parable of leaving the house for a long trip when describing my feelings to others. You make sure you have what you need packed and ready, make sure the route to the airport is alright, weather OK, stove off. That describes my day and coming days aptly. Funnily enough, I can find things I want to add or change and it only seems to exacerbate that anxiety. Fine.

Anywho, I need to leave early. Get change from the bank soes I can give out change during the show.

And, you know, fret some more.

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