What Next?

I posted “The Great Cookie Caper.” It’s done, for now. I fully expect to return to it and detail the sucker. It doesn’t help that among the feedback I’ve gotten for it, a gentle nudge that the piece would be even better if I paid a little more attention to the background. Which I can do, even itch to do; I won’t though. I need a little time for perspective.

I’m not exactly sure what to do with myself. The instinct is to start another painting, but nay, I have other things that need attention. The urge will be delayed. A neglected website that could use updating and refining. A show that may or may not be happening (I’ll blather on that issue a little later). I guess I should prepare and I will. The doubt does give pause, though. Which segues into looking for more opportunities. Networking, browsing online, getting myself out there. Maybe even join a little art organization. Gotta do something.

As I list those, a cynical me shines through. Or oozes, depending how you’d like to envision the embellishment. An optimist would look upon those and be too giddy to choose one, I’m on the other side of the spectrum. Reaching for middle, for practical. I think that’s most realistic and healthy response. Especially when I am in the mood to poo-poo everything.

What next? I will spend some time thinking about it. While I’m doing that, I”ll frame some pictures, play with the website, start browsing art opportunities.


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