On to the Day

Right, so this morning is short and I need to get this out quick lest I forget. And it’s not “forget” it’s more “willfully ignore.” Better fall in line.

I think I have it all out of my system. You know, the part where I act irresponsibly. Last night I was groaning to myself, “Never again.” I expect “never again” will last about two weeks dependent upon how stressful work is. Or how stressful I allow it to be. Whatever happens, you can expect me to write something about it be it remorseful, repressed, maybe even proud. We’ll see.

Painting will be done later tonight. I’ve already set up a cute date like thing where a buddy and I talk over Skype while we art. Problem is: sometimes we feel more like playing video games than doing art. Not so much of a problem, the primary mission is to hang with him and keep him as a buddy, after all. I’ll be painting, I have a guilty conscience nagging me from yesterday. It’ll work out.

In a short time I will be helping grammy with her grocery shopping. After that a mandatory meeting at work, I’m still trying to figure out what responsible thing I can do to make the trip that far south worthwhile. Eyeball recliners? Thrift store picture frame shopping? Pick up a couple fancy appliances? I think we both know, I’m gonna play it by ear. This is the last thought I will give it until I am actually on my way.

Art and stuff. As I mentioned earlier, art will be done later tonight. looks like the rest of the day will be attending to chores and making amends. It’s a full day and I am grateful it’s mine. I also have art shows to harangue myself over. Both getting ready for the ones already there and finding more for the time after. It’s like a farm, the seeds don’t sprout until a few months after you plant them and the window for harvesting is short.

OK. On to the day. Thanks for reading.

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