Up and At ‘Em

Ok, up and at ‘am. Just popped out of bed, still a tad dreary with congestion but I”m lookin’ at today ambitiously. Got some web designing I’d like to do, painting, drawing, and some real life chores to tackle today. Granted today is a normal working day, but our census is down and I am expected to be called off. It is my duty as a responsible artist to spend the day responsibly. And dammit, I will. I’m gonna wring today for all it’s worth.

This weekend I will put together a few things to facilitate my creation and sharing process. The camera is due to arrive on Saturday. I’ll play with lighting and pictures on Sunday.  I also have to transfer some subject matter from my old hard disk to my new one. Subject matter as old as a few years. That bends my mind. Along with planning a few days ahead. A practice usually well outside of my scope.

We’re off to a good start. Woke up, er, climbed out of bed about an hour ago. Just a little less. Got coffee made, a twitter posted, this thing punched up, laundry, and dishes. Another challenge on the table: finding time to write and craft me some sultry poetry. It’ll have to wait for now. This here plate is full enough. I need to nosh what I got.

Time to take a few deep breaths and move on to the next activity. Up next: painting.

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