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Playing Cards
Playing Cards


We’re back from the lovely city of Bend, Oregon. The commute, the city, and the city are all beautiful. A splendid affair, to be sure. The show itself, well, monitarily, not the best. There was some cold weather to contend with. The crowds were smaller than expected. So there was a feeling of: Things coulda been better. Monitarily: not the best; spiritually; the best! The endeavor was worthwhile and rejuvenating. It was great to get away, fantastic to ogle the older buildings along the way, adventurous to visit cleverly named local businesses, soak in the nature with a resonating awe. Ask me to do it again next year and you’ll be answered with a ready smile.

What’s next? A show down in Arizona was slated next. Down in Phoenix the first week of November. Between the Oregon trip not grossing funds, needing a new phone cause I broke the old one, and accidentally effing up my truck which now requires repairs, funds originally dedicated to the show, will be allocated to fixing. I’ll be here closer to home piecing together cheaper things whilest the monetary reserve grows back to normal.

That means more artwork, I suppose. Truth be told, it should be more promotion. We’ll do our best to get both in. Naturally, I’ll post here when something new comes up. That includes information about future shows. I’ll be better about posting information about shows.

Slow Ride

The Crush
The Crush

So, about last week. I know I said I was busy. What I meant was: busy being lazy. The kinda lazy where: no clean clothes? Time to wear clothes not worn in years. No more bars of soap for the shower? Dawn, if you’re good enough to cut the grease on my pots and pans, then your good enough to cut my grease! No food in the pantry? Time to become a fast food/convenience store gourmet! Those stories along with some more embarrassing tales have been mine to live these past few weeks.

You see, I wasn’t out of money or time. I was just spent. I did a whole lotta nothin’ outside of replenish my being. Those resting periods are good for ya, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Last week spent, let’s get back to business.

About a week from now… Wait, tomorrow? Tomorrow! I’ll do a little show up in Oregon. I can’t tell if it’s a music fair, art fair, or fair fair. Whatever it is, I’m going in with reserved expectations and a devil-may-care attitude. No matter the premise, so long as me and my wares are out there. Person by person, one fan at a time, we’re building an audience, all comers are welcome.

All the hardest work was already done for the San Fransisco show. Most everything is already packed and ready to go. We’re gonna try to travel a little lighter this time. You know, practice streamlining the whole process. Get so efficient we can bang this out on a regular basis. Last minute, if we wanted.

After this show, I’ve allotted some time to art. About a months worth. At 8-10 hours a day, October will be a very productive month. It’ll be intense, but oh so fulfilling.

My body is ready.

November has us traveling down to Arizona. Phoenix. Fine time to get some heat, especially when winter starts nipping at my butt. Still need to get something lined up for December. January has adventures in southern California. Shows for consideration in March, April, and July in the mid-west and west.  A robust docket if I do say so myself.

OK, time to leave the hotel and go kick some ass. Be back soon.

Back to Routines


Yeah, it’s an older piece. I’ve kinda run out of new pieces to show right now. Gimme a week or so.

OK, advertising situation looks much better from last week. Oregon in October, down in Arizona in November, in southern California in January. Applications sent out for an LA art show in March, book fair in May, Colorado in the summer. I think that promo schedule looks much more fleshed out. More robust. Now it’s onto worrying about money to fund all this and then finding time to show up and rock out.

And there will be rocking out.

In the meantime, its time to settle back into the routine. A boring work schedule but with pleasant coworkers. Tedious schooling but with the assurance of advancement. Days off that are long and uneventful perfect for arts and crafts. Like all routines, it comes with its share of chores and just as many comforts.

The immediate future looks quiet. Get some funds back into coffers, sporadic shows to show up to, contribute to that third book. All cut and dry, really. And maybe even find some adventure in there somewhere. There are times where I ponder setting up a camera just so people can watch me do what I do while I do it. But then there are times where that seems overthought and desperate. It counts as advertising, yes. Convenient, sure. But it also counts against some self perceptions of dignity. What the heck kinda demographic will I be reaching out towards? The voyeurs who want to be bored? Uhg . . . Under the pretense of trying, maybe a few beers will help.



I need to put more effort into advertising. Let’s legitimize all this art stuff, poetry, writing, designing. Got tons and tons laying about. Am I good at sharing as I am producing? Not so much. Gonna change that, definitely gonna share more. Getting out of the studio and experience more of the world, well heck, that’s a bonus. There’s so little in here and so much out there.

So how does a feller like me go about this? Dunno. Well, kinda. I’m guessing I’m gonna go about it like I do every other important decision in my life: carefully and methodically. Show, show, show, as often as I can. Right now the goal is to do a show once a month. I’m feeling awful greedy. If I could I’d do it once a week, I would. Lord knows, I have the inventory, the paintings, the desire! . . .

Let’s, uh, let’s calm down and let the passions subside. Patience makes better decisions. We’re in this for the long game after all. There will be lots of time to chase loves soon. In the meantime, you know, responsible stuff. Finish that third book, get them ebooks formatted and uploaded, work that work, pay them bills, get some money saved. No, such things aren’t at all glamorous, but they keep a feller grounded. Grounded and honest. Respect to responsibilities, yo.

I’m gonna draw a picture, write a poem, dutifully work on projects close to home and vie for the time when I can be free. Scheme my way into some sight seeing along the way. For the time being, show when I can, finish up The Strangest Thing, and continue to dream through and through.

Last Minute

Crime Scene
Crime Scene

Continued scrambling this week. This time, however, happily. Computer is finally up and running again. Remember how the most recent version of Odding and More Different were from all the way beck in December of 2014? Well, I think I found some files on the book from March this year, so way less time will be needed to bring those up to spec. Just about everything is done for the show. Actually, too much is done. Time to separate what’s for this show and what’s for the next. The show in Oregon next month will be that much easier. Aside from minor performance anxiety, I’m good.

I haven had a whole lot of time to paint these past couple months. I miss it. There’s something about the process and accomplishment that eases the soul. Like skipping a day at the gym or missing that morning coffee, the world is skewed. Functioning is a smidge harder. You know, just enough where you notice. In the near future, painting is planned. Let’s get the world right.

In the mean time, little things for the next book have been what I’ve looked to for my creative outlet. Mostly poetry. You’ll catch me in darkened corners mumbling to myself counting sylabels. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think I was crazier than a coo-coo clock. Nevermind that you’d be correct. Point is: I’m being productive, dammit! Crazy or not, I draw a nice picture and spin a good yarn. I do work hard to keep doing both. Take that, society!

There are high hopes to get these shows to work. “Work” as in: earn Steve a living. Even if that living is a modest one, I can deal. The incentive of freedom is very motivating.  A routine of getting up, gym, paint, then onto whatevs is a daily routine I could really sink myself into. Hunky in its fulfillment. That’s the dream, folks. Doing what I was born to do for the rest of my days unfettered . . . Insert longing sigh.

Alas, the best-laid plans of mice and men . . . something, something

The Vexing of the Steve

Stuffed Dragon
Stuffed Dragon

Her spirit animal is a dragon. She was feeling down and, at the behest of a mutual friend, we tried to perk her up.

Guess whose computer crashed? Yeah, fine timing too. End sarcasm.

It’s a hassle. Normally I’m diligent about backing up important things. Ninety-nine percent of picture files are accounted for. The books, the raw files are safe. Downside: the most recent version I have is from December. That means there’s a few dozen hours worth of work getting it up to spec with the most recent version. You will see me comparing nuances from the printed books to the older version on the computer and back again as dutifully update the older file. Oh yeah, and that’s after getting the computer up and running again. Uhg.

Probably the most grating aspect of this is the timing. I finally did decide to give it a go and make this thing into an ebook.  The process of getting the books formatted so that they can be ebooks is in the works. The plan was to have all this done in time for the show. A show expecting to have 100k people in attendance. Honestly, my inventory is pretty modest for such an large crowd. I fully expect to sell out of the modest amount of books available. While books are available for ordering online, instead of telling potential customers that I’ve sold out (of inventory, let’s make sure the context is established), I could offer them the immediate consolation of an ebook… Well, set back.

Throw ontop of it that I already had a post typed and edited. Also lost in the crash. Writing this one at the very last minute.

I’ve too much to do to dwell. Recalibrate and move forward.

Less stressful topics to move onto, uhm . . . to be honest, nothing is coming to mind. Gimme a minute. Hmm . . .

Listen, I’ll pitch the happy later. There’s way too much to do. Please excuse me whilst I rush off to make things shine.