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Playing Cards
Playing Cards


We’re back from the lovely city of Bend, Oregon. The commute, the city, and the city are all beautiful. A splendid affair, to be sure. The show itself, well, monitarily, not the best. There was some cold weather to contend with. The crowds were smaller than expected. So there was a feeling of: Things coulda been better. Monitarily: not the best; spiritually; the best! The endeavor was worthwhile and rejuvenating. It was great to get away, fantastic to ogle the older buildings along the way, adventurous to visit cleverly named local businesses, soak in the nature with a resonating awe. Ask me to do it again next year and you’ll be answered with a ready smile.

What’s next? A show down in Arizona was slated next. Down in Phoenix the first week of November. Between the Oregon trip not grossing funds, needing a new phone cause I broke the old one, and accidentally effing up my truck which now requires repairs, funds originally dedicated to the show, will be allocated to fixing. I’ll be here closer to home piecing together cheaper things whilest the monetary reserve grows back to normal.

That means more artwork, I suppose. Truth be told, it should be more promotion. We’ll do our best to get both in. Naturally, I’ll post here when something new comes up. That includes information about future shows. I’ll be better about posting information about shows.

Slow Ride

The Crush
The Crush

So, about last week. I know I said I was busy. What I meant was: busy being lazy. The kinda lazy where: no clean clothes? Time to wear clothes not worn in years. No more bars of soap for the shower? Dawn, if you’re good enough to cut the grease on my pots and pans, then your good enough to cut my grease! No food in the pantry? Time to become a fast food/convenience store gourmet! Those stories along with some more embarrassing tales have been mine to live these past few weeks.

You see, I wasn’t out of money or time. I was just spent. I did a whole lotta nothin’ outside of replenish my being. Those resting periods are good for ya, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Last week spent, let’s get back to business.

About a week from now… Wait, tomorrow? Tomorrow! I’ll do a little show up in Oregon. I can’t tell if it’s a music fair, art fair, or fair fair. Whatever it is, I’m going in with reserved expectations and a devil-may-care attitude. No matter the premise, so long as me and my wares are out there. Person by person, one fan at a time, we’re building an audience, all comers are welcome.

All the hardest work was already done for the San Fransisco show. Most everything is already packed and ready to go. We’re gonna try to travel a little lighter this time. You know, practice streamlining the whole process. Get so efficient we can bang this out on a regular basis. Last minute, if we wanted.

After this show, I’ve allotted some time to art. About a months worth. At 8-10 hours a day, October will be a very productive month. It’ll be intense, but oh so fulfilling.

My body is ready.

November has us traveling down to Arizona. Phoenix. Fine time to get some heat, especially when winter starts nipping at my butt. Still need to get something lined up for December. January has adventures in southern California. Shows for consideration in March, April, and July in the mid-west and west.  A robust docket if I do say so myself.

OK, time to leave the hotel and go kick some ass. Be back soon.